Three Thrilling Centrepieces Ideas

January 04, 2012

Table centrepieces are not just for weddings or extra special occasions. They can liven up any dining table and transform your entertaining into something really special. And what's even better is that they can be created for very little money and effort. Here are 3 that I regularly use as the focal point of my dining table, that you can use as inspiration for creating your own fabulous centrepieces:

 1. Pretty Little T-Lights & Roses:

This is such a simple and inexpensive centrepiece to create but it it is so pretty and understated that it will work on any dining table. I found these gorgeous jeweled t-light holders on for a bargain price and have simply placed t-lights into each of the smaller holders and 3 roses in the taller ones. And by placing them all symmetrically together down the centre of the table, a fantastic centrepiece is created.

If you don't have any pretty t-light holders to hand then you can always create your own using baked beans cans for the larger holders and little sweetcorn tins for the smaller holders. And if you're feeling very adventurous, I've found this fabulous 'how-to-guide' on Scott Bedford's "What I Made" blog that will give you step-by-step instructions for creating even more glamorous t-light holders from tin cans.

2. The 'Fishbowl'
I know it doesn't sound glamorous but this is how I think of my round glass bowl that I use to create many different centrepieces (and I'm sure you could use an actual fishbowl if you have one handy, just remember to put the fish in a safe place!).

a. Floating Candles:

To create a stunning centrepiece with minimal effort simply place a few decorative pebbles at the base of your bowl and half fill with water. Then add half-a-dozen to a dozen floating candles and scatter some colourful rose petals (one rose bud should provide you with enough petals). Finally, carefully light the candles and set the room lighting to be low enough that the candles create a warm glow on all your guests.

Just remember to use unscented candles as you don't want the candles to compete with the delicious aromas emanating from your kitchen!

b. Simple Vase:

Another very easy way to utilise your 'fishbowl' to create spectacular centrepieces is to use it as a simple vase. You can create an explosion of colour and vibrance simply by choosing different flowers to place in your bowl. Again, place your pebbles in the base of the bowl as they will help your flowers to stand in the shape that you require. You can also tie the flower stems together to keep them in place. 

3. Candelabra & Crystals:


My final centrepiece idea is the most glamorous of the three. I think that a candelabra in the centre of a dining table will always look stunningly beautiful and as far as I'm concerned, the addition of a bit more bling can only be a good thing! This is also the most expensive of the three centrepieces as you will need to purchase the candelabra, but think of it as an investment - once you've bought it, you can use it time and time again and the candles are very inexpensive to replace! We were lucky enough to have this beautiful candelabra bought for us as a wedding present so for all you brides-to-be out there, definitely remember this one for your gift list!

Finally, the crystals scattered around the candelabra were sourced from all over to keep the cost as low as possible. A great place to check out is a local wedding or party supplier as you will only need one bag of the small scatter crystals and a few of the larger ones. And just remember that whatever you use as your centrepiece, make sure it is not so big that it obstructs anyone from viewing the person sitting opposite them.

If you have your own fabulous centrepiece ideas and want to be featured on Design!Style!Beauty then send your photos and contributions via e-mail to or please leave your comments and links below...

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