Confessions of a Cabinet Neat Freak ...

February 17, 2012

I have to confess that I am undoubtedly a cabinet neat freak. The pleasure I feel upon opening a cabinet door to reveal its perfectly arranged contents is so satisfying that I can spend hours rearranging cupboards, drawers and cabinets throughout my home. Unfortunately, this neatness does not always extend to the rest of the house and I have an awful habit of leaving things strewn about wherever I last used them - but when they do eventually find their way back to their cupboard, they are placed there with the utmost reverence! 

I have recently discovered a fabulous trick to increase the storage space inside my cabinets, in the form of acrylic risers, and they have been indispensable in my bathroom cabinet and kitchen cupboards.

A shorter acrylic riser allows my husband to store more of his toiletties while still keeping everything easily accessible.

Meanwhile, I have divided my shelf using a taller acrylic riser.

The overall effect is a neatly organised cabinet full of all our essential toiletries.

Likewise, in the kitchen cabinet that houses our overflow of herbs and spices, I used to have to climb on a step and wade through each pot to find the one I was looking for. Now, thanks to a tiered acrylic divider, each pot label faces outwards and I can easily grab the herb or spice I'm in need of.

And a final trick I have uncovered is to use plate dividers for my everyday crockery. This way I can fit everything onto one shelf and when my husband empties the dishwasher he can easily participate in my cupboard neatness as everything has it's own place!

If you're also a cabinet neat freak then please send me in any of your tips and tricks or images so that we can all indulge in the shared pleasure of perfectly organised cupboards, drawers and cabinets! All emails can be sent to . Also, for more inspiration be sure to check out my 'Organised Cabinets' board on Pinterest. Looking forward to hearing from all my fellow cabinet organisers!

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