Some Things Are Best Kept Hidden ... How To Make Your Own Custom Screen or Room Divider

November 23, 2011

Gone are the days when each room in our home can be used for a single purpose only. In fact nowadays, unless we are fortunate to own houses large enough to include rooms for every purpose (like the gym studio I wish we could have, or the walk-in-wardrobe I covet, or to be honest, right now I'd settle for a separate playroom for our new arrival!) we instead have to create multi-purpose spaces. And this is where a Screen or Room Divider can come in very handy. For example, we use ours to hide our exercise bike in our lounge. However, a beautiful screen can be expensive to purchase so read on for a very easy way to make your own, just like this one ...

Important Note:
Decide what size you want your overall screen to be before you start so that you can purchase the correct size and number of canvases and hinges etc)

Canvases (Blank or Patterned - we bought two matching, patterned wall canvases, originally fuchsia and black. You will need at least two)
Hinges (Use at least two for every join)
Paint & Paint Brushes


1. Paint your canvases and leave to dry completely. I used paint we had leftover from decorating the room (Dulux Soft Stone & Crown Tailored) so that the colours would match the room perfectly. *

2. Line up the two canvases next to each other, face down on the floor. Measure 15cm from the top and bottom of each canvas and mark.

3. Screw in the hinges (one at the top 15cm mark and one at the bottom 15cm mark). Use a middle hinge for additional stability should your canvases require).

4. Repeat steps two and three for any additional canvas panels.

5. Raise your newly created screen and angle it so that it is freestanding.

Step Two
Step Three
Step Five

* If you're tight for time then simply buy canvases with a design that you like and paint over the design in colours to suit your room. If the colours are already perfect then you can skip straight to Step 2. However, if you're feeling more artistic then why not create your very own design on blank canvases. And finally, another alternative is to purchase a roll of wallpaper and paste, and recover the canvases with wallpaper instead (just remember to make sure that the paste will adhere to the canvases).

And there you have it, your very own custom made screen/room divider.
Now we just need to remember to move the screen and actually use the exercise bike! 

If you make your own screen and want to be featured on Design!Style!Beauty then send your photos and contributions via e-mail to or please leave your comments and links below...

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