Trend I Love - Exotic Animal Skins...

November 16, 2011

... the faux variety of course!

Stunning Cocktail & Bar Accessories by Kim Seybert

It seems that the world of interior design is still obsessed with using exotic animal skins and prints, real and fake alike, and I am definitely part of this fan club! I can't pinpoint exactly why I so adore this trend ... perhaps it's because animal skins stir up buried memories of when we were cave men and women, or maybe it's because the patterns found in nature far surpass anything we can create ourselves, or perhaps I'm simply drawn to the exotic and forbidden! Whatever the reason, this fascination with animal skin continues and this trend is definitely set to stay for at least another season.
Stunning animal print rug pictured with the sofa that I dream of owning one day! 
From the Armani Casa 2010 Collection.

Previous animal skin trends have used furs and skins in abundance but the trend for 2011/2012 sees preference for more subtle uses and this is what I love. Designers have found ingenious ways of bringing this trend into our home and the desire to use these prints in unexpected ways has led to the faux variety of animal prints being favoured over the real variety, thus eliminating the cruelty associated with real furs, skins and hides.

A new and popular use of animal skins and prints can be seen in china patterns and designers are wholeheartedly embracing this trend ...

Wedgwood Shagreen China

One of our favourite china collections, Shagreen by Wedgwood, which replicates Shark Skin.

Wedgwood Shagreen Teapot, Coffee Pot and Sugar Bowl

Using animal print sparingly can create a 'Wow Effect' without being OTT, especially when combined with other trends like Union Jacks and subtle, neutral colours.

Animal Print Union Jack cushion from

Another gorgeous use of Shagreen that I would adore to use on handles throughout our house.

Wallpaper can be a fabulous way to introduce this trend into your home, but I would always recommend choosing neutral colours if you're going to be making such a statement with the print of the wallpaper.

Zebrano from Wallpaper Direct
Boa from Wallpaper Direct

 Finally, here's an example of how you can introduce animal prints like snake skin to create an uber luxurious feel in your bathroom. 

Snake Skin Bathroom Accessories from

What do you think of this continuing trend in interior design? Or, have you used animal prints and faux skin throughout your home? If so, then send your photos and contributions via e-mail to or leave your comments and links below.

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