Napkin Blings!!

December 28, 2011

Whenever I use my fabric napkins I always adorn them with my handmade napkin rings. These delightful napkin rings are incredibly easy to make and will liven up any dining table. And what's more, they are perfectly customisable so you can make your own unique napkin rings simply by choosing your favourite colours and style of beads. 


Materials (Per Napkin Ring):
  • 1 Pair of Knitting Needles (Size 5.5)
  • Approx 3m of 24 Gauge Beading / Craft Wire per napkin ring.
  • Approximately 90 - 120 Beads of your choice per napkin ring. (This really depends on how full you want your napkin ring to be and the size of your beads - you will need more beads if you use very small ones).


Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Step Five
Step Six


1. Randomly thread the beads onto the wire while it is still on the reel - thread more than you think you will need because it is very difficult to thread additional beads once you have started knitting. Leave some of your smallest beads to thread on last as these will be the most manageable for the first beads you will use.

2. Cast on 3 stitches, adding small beads to each stitch.

3. Knit each row, adding beads onto random stitches according to their size and colour.

4. Continue knitting in this way until the napkin ring measures approximately 12cm.

5. Slip the knitting needle carefully out of the last 3 stitches and cut the wire, leaving approximately 10cm that you can use to join the napkin together.

6. Join the napkin together by threading the extra wire through the two ends.


These napkin rings and other unique designs will be available to purchase online very soon from In the meantime, if you're interested in purchasing a set of these napkin rings then please contact me via

If you make your own napkin rings and want to be featured on Design!Style!Beauty then send your photos and contributions via e-mail to or please leave your comments and links below...

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