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December 21, 2011

I am absolutely delighted to confirm that wallpaper has made a huge comeback in recent years! I love wallpaper so much that I have included it in every room of my house (apart from the kitchen and bathroom). Wallpaper began its resurgence with the implementation of the 'feature wall', where one wall of a room features a striking wallpaper and the other walls of that room remain more neutral.

I used a striking, black, textured wallpaper from Graham & Brown as a feature wall in my 'Black & White' themed Home Office.

However, although the popularity of using wallpaper as a feature wall is still going strong, I am more addicted to using wallpaper on every wall in a room.

This stunning gold and cream floral wallpaper from Laura Ashley enhances the feeling of outside-inside in our Conservatory Dining Room.

This photograph of our Guest Bedroom does not do justice to the absolutely gorgeous wallpaper (also from Laura Ashley). I love it so much that I am keeping it as the wall covering of the Nursery that we're currently transforming this room into.

I transformed a client's once neutral garage room conversion into a fantastic, multi-functional and stylish space using this Graham & Brown striped wallpaper, hung horizontally

Finally, if the idea of wallpapering your entire room seems daunting, remember that wallpaper comes in all different colours and textures. Stripes are very popular at the moment and a neutral stripe can add subtle wonders to any room. Just remember the basic principle that horizontal stripes lengthen the width of the room and vertical stripes increase the perception of height in a room.

We started off just wallpapering one wall of our Master Bedroom but the resulting room lacked depth and interest so we wallpapered the rest of the walls to match! The colour of the wallpaper is an incredibly subtle white and pearlescent off-white and results in the room remaining elegant, neutral and calming.

If you want to hang your own wallpaper, remember to check back in to my post on Wallpapering a Room, coming soon. Please leave your comments and/or queries below or, if you want your own rooms to be featured on Design!Style!Beauty! send your photographs and captions to

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